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Todd Lindley PE



Technology Director

Todd brings 13 years of engineering experience and problem solving to support the Alaska Freedom Alliance. His experience is in the energy and manufacturing industries having worked in various locations across the United States and briefly in Far East Russia. Todd is passionate about working with people and finding creative ways to solve problems through collaboration and teamwork.

Todd comes to the Alaska Freedom Alliance to support the digital growth and communications across Alaska. Together with the other directors, Todd looks to help educate Alaskans on the important issues that the Freedom Alliance stands for through social media and community action. Todd is also a member of the Alaska COVID Alliance and provides similar support for growing the communication and outreach of that organization as well.


David Boyle



For over 20 years. David Boyle has been both a policy wonk and an activist in Alaska. He was one of the founders of the free market think tank, Alaska Policy Forum in 2009. He volunteered full-time for 9 years and was the Executive Director for 5 of those years. He has actively supported reforming K12 education and ran for the Anchorage School Board twice. David also participated in the Mission Critical group that informed Alaskans about waste in the state budget. Briefer at the conference for incoming legislators on the school budget. He is also an active member and participant in the Alaska Covid Alliance, a group that supports medical freedom for all. He started a legislator report card on to hold our elected officials accountable for their votes.

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Michael #52.jpg

Michael Chambers

Artistic Director

Michael comes to this project
with an extensive background
in artistic design and political leadership.

He is the past Chair of the Alaska Libertarian Party, Current Chair of United for Liberty and current Vice-Chair of the Alaskan Independence Party.
Michael is also a current facilitator of the Alaska Covid Alliance team which fights for Early Treatment of Covid and medical freedom for all Alaskans.

Over the years Michael has authored multiple narratives to include the acclaimed United for Liberty budget book of 2017. 

Michael is deeply involved in developing relationship with current legislators and candidates for office





Dr. Christine West is a business psychologist in Alaska and the founder of The Business MD. Christine is very personable, extremely intuitive, open-minded, and spiritual.  She loves to play outside, travel, and her German Shepherd Zenzi.  Along with surrounding herself with forward thinkers, action takers, vibrancy, and authentic rebels, misfits and innovators who have an out of box cause.  Christine has a natural ability to infuse persuasive influence with her charismatic fun personality and uplifting humor in her work. Her fun approach keeps those she is called to help motivated, focused, productive and healthier. 

Professionally, Christine, teaches Business Owners/Leaders/Salespeople and Individuals who are ready to create an affluent environment that motivates and moves people to be their best and to continuously grow. She specializes in workplace psychology, leadership, behavioral modification, communication, business health and emotional/mental diets. Through speaking coaching and training services, Christine has focused on a range of topics on Leadership, Human Behavior, Emotional Intelligence, Mind-Growth, Communication, Workplace Psychology, Motivation, Cleaning Up Toxicity, Narcissists and Psychological Abuse, Focus, and Entrepreneurship. These topics lead her clientele to unlock one’s inner mastery to be clear, brilliant, and effective with people.

The common patterns of Christine’s clients are distraction, overwhelm, missing the mark with people, self-suppression/self-sabotage, chronic stress/unconsciousness trauma, burnout and needing to upgrade the environment to attract and retain aligned talent. Her remedies have moved her clients to rediscover fulfillment, honor, and wellness.  And being confident and highly effective with people through adapting behavior, mind-growth, emotional maturity, communication strategies.

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