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As many of you know by now, the Alaska Senate has formulated around a bi-partisan coalition of nine Democrats and eight Republicans. If you look at the assignment of Chair positions your quickly understand that the Democrat Party is firmly in control. The entrenched "Crony Capitalist" RINO republicans would prefer handing over the reigns of Senate power to the Democrat Party than to form a Republican Caucus with Republican Senators Shelley Hughes, Mike Shower, and Robb Myers. 

The only question the Crony Capitalist emissary Senator David Wilson asked the "rogue" Republicans was if they would accept a Binding Caucus Rule.

All three conservative Republicans believe their vote belongs to the constituents of their district and not a select few in leadership. The result was, three Republican senators were treated like ugly step children and cast aside for organized tyranny. 

Enter Senator Bill Wielechowski...

Being selected as Rules Chair, Senator Wielechowski floated a straw vote to the majority caucus to suspend the rules which state that a minority must have 5 members in order to be recognized as a legitimate minority caucus. Bill asked to suspend the rules and recognize the 3 senators ( Hughes, Shower and Myers ) as a legitimate minority caucus which would give them minority status along with automatic seats on various committees and additional staff. 

The request was voted down. It really calls for a vindictive Republican to vote against their Republican colleagues so they can't form a minority. This is the result of electing mean spirited Republicans. Shall we call it the "Weasel Giessel Cabal?" 

In any event, Senator Bill Wielechowski should be recognized for his attempt to be fair minded. Thank you Bill.


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