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Former Senate President
Cathy Giessel and her
alter Ego

Alaska has never been very receptive to recycled politicians and we can only assume they don't want another term from this tyrant.

As Senate President, she rammed the Binding Caucus down the throats of her Republican majority. She used this issue as a litmus test for her lapdog Josh Revak in order to get her rubber stamp of approval. During the process to replace Senator Chris Birch, Laddie Shaw was first selected but couldn't make it through the "Giessel filter." It is common knowledge that she asked Laddie if he felt he was "special" because he served in 
the military. Cathy Giessel has ZERO appreciation of the sacrifice Laddie and countless other Alaskans who served our country. Laddie earned his "special" recognition and it is disgusting to characterize him any other way. Ask Dorene Lorenz what Cathy Giessel thinks about the military if you are not convinced.

She was rather insulted that Alaska didn't take lightly to her proposal to enforce a studded tire tax on every citizen of Alaska seasonally to the tune of $600.00 per year.

Cathy has been a proponent of taking the PFD and to this end, she now serves as one of the Co-Chairs for the Re-election of former Governor Bill Walker who is the father of the PFD theft. 

Cathy Giessel jumped up to the line immediately and linked arms with progressives all over the state to resist opening up the State Constitution. She likes the idea that the progressive left own our entire judiciary, and she has ZERO complaints that a substantial number of state associated workers have their hand in the State cash box. 

When asked about any advisory vote from the people, she is quick to note that the citizens of Alaska elect representatives and they do not need to participate directly in government only to vote. She has always considered the average Alaskan is not qualified to make any decisions directing our state in any manner. 

A few years back, in a townhall Cathy was packing Bill Walker's water promoting the idea that state government had been cut 44%. She knew this was an absolute lie and when she was confronted, the top of her head came off and lava spilled over her shoulders. 

It has been overtly obvious that Cathy Giessel was rather put off when she was handily defeated by newcomer Roger Holland in the primary. She is counting on Rank Choice Voting so she can make a run at getting her seat back and join the other RINOS in the Republican legislature so she can continue her assault on the PFD and incorporating a range of taxes in order to build a state budget which is already bloated. 

As a registered nurse, you can be certain that she is very supportive of the medical tyranny we have witnessed through this Covid experiment. It will be like replacing Ann Zink with Cathy Giessel. 

Alaska would be well served to reject this overt example of an enraged and vengeful woman. The last thing we need in the political kitchen is a serving of poison mushrooms. 



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