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At the blink of an eye, A governor who was elected to office promoting libertarian conservative ideals, begins his second term in office supporting an extreme socialist liberal agenda which would lock up massive chunks of Alaska to the "Green Revolution."

From the outset, there is a massive question whether the governor has the authority to promote the sequestration of Alaska lands held in the "commons"

But, apart from that lets explore what ESG means.

The term ESG is derived from three words of serious implications. 
         Environmental ~ Social ~ Governance

Regarding Environmental:

This is a project which supports the promotion of receiving revenue based on carbon credits.
This is twofold:

1. The idea which promotes all business and corporations being evaluated based on their carbon footprint. Upon on this evaluation, these business entities would be charged to obtain carbon offset credits to account for a less than stellar carbon rating. If these businesses refused to pay carbon offset credits, they would have an extremely difficult time obtaining investment capital to expand their business as the banking industry is directly tied into these regulatory practices.

Think, for one moment if China or India would participate in regulating and taxing their respective industries? These two countries account for the bulk of carbon emissions in the world environment. What this promotion will actually do is tax many of the industries of the world economy to pay more for goods and services while doing nothing to countries who refuse to participate, making their goods and services more affordable.  An excellent promotion of China!

2. Government entities such as the State of Alaska, if the governor gets his way, could join this carbon enterprise by agreeing to completely set aside land which would, in effect, be locked completely up with even more regulations that National Interest Lands for a minimum of 100 years.
If Alaska were to "lock up" substantial amounts of State Land, this is where Governor Dunleavy promotes the idea that we can reap vast amounts of money from businesses and corporations which are forced to purchase carbon offset credits. Never mind that if a business is charged this "unicorn revenue" they will merely pass the cost on to the consumer. They will not pay this tax. Every citizen will, through product inflation. Alaska would, in effect, be taxing all the citizens of the participating world with carbon offset credits. Keep in mind, the more land we lock up, the more tax revenue we receive. The governor, in his State of the State address spoke of BILLIONS of dollars we could be receiving each year, simply by placing Alaska "OFF LIMITS" to the human infestation.     

Regarding Social:

Here is where regulation really hits the road in social engineering. Not only will business be evaluated regarding their "carbon footprint" but they will be evaluated based on their social scoring on "equity'" Businesses will be forced to obtain an equity rating not based on merit but based on a quota of diversity within their institutions. Without this "equity rating" businesses and corporations will be scored and forced to pay a larger carbon offset tax.
Regarding Governance:

It is preposterous to consider the ultimate outcome is governance on a global scale. This is the dissolution of the free market as we know it, the dismantling of national sovereignty and a direct assault on individual liberty. 

And, Governor Dunleavy is brash enough to promote ESG in his first State of the State address to our legislature. 

We the People of Alaska can no longer sit by and not get directly involved in this overt action. It is time to get informed and actively engaged. 

For those of you who wish to read more on this essential doctrine the governor is attempting to promote, please take time and read more here

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