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Facebook is currently being extremely aggressive 
in blocking any content about the Covid virus. 

Alaska Covid Alliance is presenting an outstanding
seminar regarding Long Covid symptoms and the adverse effects caused by vaccine injury. 

The "Establishment" does not want any alternative information out there which conflicts with their narrative of:

* Mask Mandates
* Safe and effective Covid vaccines
* Vaccines for children
* Mandatory Vaccines
* Controlling private business practices
* Prevention of safe and effective FDA approved drugs
   for the mitigation of Covid.
* In person Voter restrictions ( mail in ballots )

The Establishment is not interested in your personal commerce or your health.

It is all about CONTROL!

This upcoming seminar may be the most important seminar you can attend in the next 2 years. Knowledge is power! You should never comply to censorship of information. It is your 1st Amendment Right of free Assembly for whatever purpose you see fit. 

Come join us. You will be glad you made the commitment.


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Hover over the QR code with your cell phone and it
will take you to the site you can register for the Conference. See you there!

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