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To make it short:

It isn’t about the Money, it’s about the Control
by Texas Ken

The governor is the fish telling others about the free worms being offered.

Alaska is an extremely carbon producing state, everything we do, need, move and produce will escalate because of carbon taxes and fees. Even if Alaskans don’t have a direct carbon bill, but we know eventually they will, everything they need, use and consume will be inflated either indirectly or by added carbon fees. Fuel, food, services, all of it. This will cause a spiraling escalation in state cost as well.

Legislators will, under the same old union and state sector duress, have to raise wages to compensate for the inflation that they themselves cause. The private sector won’t and can’t. This will drive the private sector from the state. Hell, it’s almost gone now!

These carbon fee amounts and placement will be weaponized to support social governance. This is taxation without representation and fascism defined. Taking this new fiat currency institutes this fascism. I think of it as a small rock starting the Orwellian avalanche. One of the worse things we see is that due to expansion of the state’s dependency on the federal monies and programs.

With all of this comes the control. We lose the state. Mandates and control always comes with money. Another hazard as we’ve seen with the Medicaid expansion is that the state bloats, then the money changes or disappears bankrupting or severely hampering the state’s independence for any number of issues, First, Second, heck, all amendments.

The governor is handing the club to the feds with which to beat us. It’s not about the money, it’s about control. The money is the tool, the control is the goal! I guarantee you that Alaskans will see new fees demanded. Vehicle carbon taxes at DMV, demands for emission testing again, escalated carbon fees on shipping, empty shelves due to the supply chain disruption…. Unless you’re a state employee, living in Alaska will become untenable.

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