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From the outset, it is essential that the voters understand how we got Rank Choice Voting ( RCV )

In Alaska, the brainchild behind RCV was Scott Kendall who was Former Governor Bill Walker's Chief of Staff. The big lie was RCV would keep "dark money" out of Alaska. The entire fiasco, just like the push against the Constitutional Convention, was, and is paid for by "dark outside money."

It has become apparent that RCV is designed for three outcomes.

First, it is designed to complicate the electoral process and undermine any early results. Moving results to a 2 week process directly breeds an attitude that the results were cooked up in the back room by a select few. It is a progressive assault on the election process to undermine the integrity of elections.  

Second, it was designed to give candidates like Lisa Murkowski, Cathy Giessel and Former governor Bill Walker cover to move past any selection process in the traditional primary system.

And third, RCV is specifically designed to take advantage of the Republican voters who do not cast votes as a "collective." The "organized" will always win and that is definitely not the Republican Party. 

So lets take a closer look....

In the recent US House election, it is obvious that negative campaigning on the Republican side had a direct, adverse effect on "Ranking the Red" which resulted in a direct benefit to the Democrat candidate Mary Peltola.
29% of voters who choose Nick Begich as their first choice, selected the Democrat second, and 21% only voted for Nick. This was a recipe for a Republican disaster which could have been accurately predicted. 

"Ranking the Red" is not a cut and dried method of getting the best Republican candidate elected.

For an example, let's look at Senator Roger Holland's race against former Senate President Cathy Giessel. It would be a disaster if Senator Holland's supporters chose Cathy Giessel as their second choice. This would ensure Alaska would be stuck with Cathy Giessel stirring the pot in her madness once again in the State Senate. 

The real issue.....

The voter must understand that the Republican Party is basically split into 2 different Parties. The first, and strongest part of the Republican Party is the "establishment" portion of the Party more commonly known as the "Crony Capitalists." these types of Republicans like, Bert Stedman, Cathy Giessel, Gary Stevens and Kelly Merrick, to name a few, are interested in business as usual which means they support big government at the expense of the private sector. They generally vote on key economic issues such as a bloated budget and carving large portions of your PFD, very much like the big government spending Democrats. This is precisely why Alaska spends 2.5 time more per capita than most other states in the union and the only measurable economy we have is the "government economy." So, given this, if you rank second, a "Crony Capitalist" republican, you are ensuring business as usual and Alaska will continue to border on deficit spending for many years to come.

The other side of the Republican Party is the freedom, liberty, less government candidates who fight for financial sanity and citizens rights instead of lining the pockets of select special interests who have their hooves in the government trough. These candidates always line up in support of following existing laws like the statute which governs a full PFD. They certainly know if their "Republican opposition" supports a "sustainable" PFD this is
a red flag. This portion of the Republican Party is gaining ground which causes distress within the "establishment" ranks of the Party. One only has to evaluate the Party attitude against outspoken Senator Mike Shower who is endorsed by his senate district, but the Republican Party executive committee gave $1,000 to his republican opponent. This is an overt example of the desperation to suppress Republican voices who don't toe the
( hidden ) company line.      

 So, what does this mean?

Until RCV can be repealed, the conservative electorate better take a fast course on effectively voting to ensure we don't fill the halls of Juneau with Democrats and Crony Capitalist Republicans. If it takes Republican voters 2 election cycles to figure this out, Alaska will turn distinctly Democrat through this process and that is precisely what Scott Kendall is hoping he can accomplish. 



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