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Video Library ~ Alaska Freedom Alliance

Dr. Forrest Nabors speaks bluntly of the deterioration of our Republican form of government and the consequences going forward for our nation and Alaska. 

This hourlong presentation may be the most important issue of the day for the safety of your family, state, and nation. 

First video: 7/24/2022

Dr. Forrest Nabors on the state of our Republican form of government and the repercussions for Alaska. 


Second video: 7/31/2022

Keith Heim ~ Alaska Director for the Article 5 convention of States discusses amending both the National and State Constitutions.  


Third video: 8/07/2022
Representative Kevin McCabe representing BigLake, Meadow Lakes, Healy, Clear and Anderson speaks on the process of creating and guiding a bill through the legislature. Kevin also speaks on a host of topics to include the Constitutional Convention question.


Fourth video: 8/12/2022

David Boyle, former Director of Alaska Policy Forum discusses the state of education in Alaska and the options parents have. Please take the time and watch this video; especially if you have children in the public school system. 


Fifth video: 8/19/2022

Popular Senator Robb Myers lays out some compelling arguments regarding the future of Alaska's economic decisions in order to create a more financially solid environment predicated on steadily building a private economy. 


Sixth video: 8/24/2022
Super Star Senator Mike Shower joins us with a frank discussion on a host of topics which has guided his 
passion in the Alaska State Senate. Take time and watch this video as it will inform you on a host of issues.  


Seventh video: 9/01/2022
Glen Biegel in his element. Glen has been such a strong voice of the conservative movement here in Alaska. Here he calls for unity amongst likeminded citizens for political expediency....Enjoy 


Eighth video: 9/08/2022
Join us and listen to Mark Fish lay out a compelling case to support a YES vote on the Constitution Convention. The question will be on the November ballot for every registered Alaskan to decide. 


Ninth video: 9/15/2022
Senator Shelley Hughes lays out a compelling case to 
support the integrity of girls sports in our school 


Ninth video: 11/03/2022
Senator Robb Myers and Representative Kevin McCabe debate the compelling reasons for a YES vote on the Constitutional Convention

Additionally, US House candidates Nick Begich lll and Chris Bye sit down with Dr. Forrest Nabors and have an in-depth discussion on their vision of US national policy.


Eleventh video: 10 /28/2022
Senator Shelley Hughes and Senator Mike Shower sit down with Dr. Forrest Nabors and share an intellectual discussion regarding the benefits of calling a State Constitutional Convention.


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